Fifteen workshops, five major concerts, film screenings, lectures and a jewish market are only some of the events of this year's Festival of Jewish Culture SIMCHA. Artists, lecturers and all lovers of Jewish climates will celebrate for the thirteenth time in the heart of the District of Mutual Respect . The theme of this year's Festival is Cabbala, a Jewish mystical science.

On Sunday, 29th of May, the thirteenth edition of the Festival of Jewish Culture SIMCHA will be inaugurated by the concert of Samuel Barzilai, a viennese cantor, Peter Rojek an organist and The White Stork Synagogue Choir under Stanislaw Rybarczyk’s conduction. The Festival’s star this year will be Chava Alberstein, a singer, a songwriter and a great Israeli artist. During the Festival on the synagogue courtyard you will be able to meet, among others, a popular TV cooking show hostess - Malka Kafka, who will instruct you on how to cook in a kosher and an organic way, and Tanya Segal, the only female rabbi in Poland who come from Krakow. Within six days the Festival participants will meet in the international circle of openings, lectures and concerts.

This year the artistic director Stanislaw Rybarczyk, in cooperation with Dominika Kawalerowicz and Joanna Lisek, combining their passions, drew up a program consistent with both the events referring to the rich Jewish tradition and to its completely modern character. Organizers are expecting a great turnout . Again, the festival will be a wonderful opportunity for many guests from abroad to visit the freshly renovated synagogueof great attraction.
The history of SIMCHA began after the opening of the 1998 White Stork Synagogue. Since 1999, the Festival has been promoting Jewish culture, history and art along with Havdalah Concerts and The White Stork Synagogue Choir.

- Thirteen is a magic number. Something big is going to happen... - Predicts Stanislaw Rybarczyk, the artistic director of the Festival - In Judaism, at the age of thirteen a boy becomes a man. He is invited to read the Torah, the minyan. The Festival has matured from childhood to maturity. It's fascinating ...

Thirteen can't be unlucky, especially for lovers of Jewish music. In this year Pushkin Kiev Klezmer Band takes you on a journey through the Ukraine, a dynamic and expressive Malkovsky Boris Trio will grip you, and the Sephardic songs from the heart of Iberia by Anna Jagielska - Maayan Riveiro and Maayan will swing you dreamily.